Hurricane GIF Maker

Quick software project to animate NHC forecasts

Why? I enjoy weather and living in the Houston area, we deal with hurricanes. Of course while the results can be devastating, I get a sort of sick excitedness whenever a new storm pops up. Just to watch them develop or prepare my home and area in case they’re headed our way. I saw someone’s twitter feed with a very short GIF someone had put together of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) 5-day forecasts and liked it enough that I wanted to be able to quickly and easily generate my own. [Read More]

Amazon Top Ten

Favorite things I've bought off Amazon

Why? There’s a handful of things that have been really awesome, perhaps oddball, sometimes life changing items I’ve purchased via Amazon that I tend to share with people. The disclaimer here is all the links I’m posting are Amazon Affiliate Links, which means if you click the link on this page and purchase the item, I get a tiny cut (no difference in price to you of course). Note if you don’t see images, your adblocker is probably blocking them. [Read More]


Detectings Winds of Change

Why? I’ve been a weather nerd my whole life. I love watching big storms roll in and follow every tropical system that lands in the Gulf of Mexico each year. I’m also a data nerd: Gathering, Analyzing, Storing (i.e. hoarding). I’ve always been interested in having a weather station and after looking at tear downs of consumer grade weather stations I decided I could build something better for way cheaper. [Read More]

Yard Dice

Father-in-law Gift

Why? My father-in-law has a neat ministry he does with kids in the neighborhood playing basketball, but also likes to have yard games for the kids that don’t play basketball. I was itching for a quick small project and had a short 4x4 cedar post lying around. What? I decided to use the 4x4 cedar post to make some large sized dice you could play with in the yard or driveway. [Read More]

Cheap thin client router

Emphasis on cheap

Why? My Linksys WRT1900AC router worked great, but I wanted a little more fine tuned control over my home network. I gave DD-WRT a shot on it and while it worked ok, the VPN performance leaved a bit to be desired and it was a little unstable at times. Enter the thin client router. What? I had this old HP T5740 thin client my church used to use as a Windows 7 thin client machine to check kids into classes. [Read More]